1. Research Projects:

Improving user interactions using auditory feedback [PAPER]

This research study demonstrates that immediate feedback may increase cognitive effort, leading to more accurate task performance, with enhancement of specific components of search behavior.

Distinguishing cognitive load level and preprocessing the data [PAPER]

This research investigates the suitability of the Random Subspace (RS) ensemble method using sequential window frames of different sizes over the time course of the experiment to preprocess data for predicting the level of cognitive load. The study suggests that using machine learning in designing preprocessing techniques to filter human psychophysical data can effectively improve cognitive load measurements.

Prediction of user search efficiency by measuring working memory load in a novel user Interface design [PAPER]

In the my study, I estimated working memory load in visual search during the presentation of intermittent fixation screens, thought to induce a low, stable level of arousal and cognitive effort. Using standard visual search and control tasks, I showed that this paradigm reduces the influence of non-memory related factors on pupil size. Furthermore, we find early increase in working memory load to be associated with more efficient search, indicating a significant role of working memory in the search process.

Improving interaction diagrams using natural language interfaces [PAPER 1], [PAPER 2]

I have conducted four experiments using interaction diagram during reading tasks to enhance the user performance and measurements. I tested a new interface application that illustrates how the natural language interfaces can be a tool to test the user’s understanding using cognitive load measurements instead of conventional evaluation method.

User Biometric Profile Classification Using Physical Activity Monitoring

Adding the discription soon

Making Text Messaging a more Empathetic Experience

Adding the discription soon

Using Driving Simulation to Detect Cognitive Load for Drivers with Visual Impairment

This project was during my post-doc reserch fellowship.

  1. Other Projects:

Using Ensemble Learning Method on Pupillometry Data

Applied Machine Learning, 2014

Feature Subset Selection using Clusters & Informed Search [SLIDES]

Artificial Intelligence, 2010

Visualizing Methods for Pediatric Dentistry Data

Scientific Visualization, 2009


Project using Speech Recognition, 2008

Technical Implementation Report for Speech Recognition System [PDF]

Technical report for Speech Recognition system, 2008

Rendering 3D Clock Using OpenGL

Using Computer Graphics to illustrate shades, light and rendering, 2008


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