Research Area:         

Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Vision, and Data Science

Research Interests:         

Research in eye-movement, physiological measurements, user experience and performance, object recognition, pattern recognition, UI, cognitive load, accessibility, data analysis, neural networks

Short bio:

I am an Assistant Professor of computer science in the College of Science - Computer Science Department at San Jose State University. I did my post-doctoral fellowship at Schepense Eye Research Institute - Harvard Medical School working on driving simulation with Dr.Alex Bowers. I received my Ph.D in computer sicence from University of Massachusetts Boston - Computer Science Department, where my advisor was Professor Marc Pomplun at the Visual Attention Laboratory. I was a Fellow at Harvard University in Visual Learning Laboratory where I was conducting research with Professor Matthew Schneps, and my advisor Marc Pomplun. I developed interfaces to improve learning for individuals with dyslexia and other special needs. I completed a Master’s at Tufts University in Computer Science. I was a research intern at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center in New York, working in their Customer Experience Lab and THINKlab. My work was presented to Ginni Rommetty, Chairman, President, & CEO of IBM.

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